Why mental wellbeing?

Mental wellbeing is essential to our overall health and happiness. It includes our emotions, feelings, our ability to be resilient, cope with everyday stress, social well-being, and if we can make healthy choices. It affects how we feel, think and act. Mental well-being is important in every stage of our life beginning in early childhood and continuing up to the end of life.


My 6 years old daughter struggles with making mistakes and with the idea of not being the best. She doesn’t like to compete because she doesn’t want to lose. She’s hesitant to engage in new tasks at school if she doesn’t know that she can do it perfectly.
The box of Calm little minds has been helping us with a strategy to overcome these obstacles by teaching my daughter about a growth mindset. We used exercises and books and in less than a month, I have started to see some real changes. My daughter’s teacher told me that she has definitely changed her approach to learning in the past few weeks, being more positive when she makes mistakes and being more willing to try new things. A few days ago, at a singing lesson with a friend, the teacher asked them to compete. Instead of saying no, my daughter offered to go first!
She still refuses to join in on kids’ games at parties, but I know we will get there! I’m extremely happy with the progress we’ve made and am looking forward a more confident future for my daughter with the help of the Calm little minds’ box!



I am constantly on a journey to practice mindful connection-based parenting in the hopes that I will raise emotionally healthy kids. This Growth Mindset box is an excellent way to incorporate growth mindset in a fun and engaging way while spending quality time with family. My 8-year-old son has also been enjoying the many resources that come in the box, in particular the workbook, as it has wonderful prompts and he has been able to independently work on writing down his feelings. The content is light and easy to understand. Thank you so much for creating this Calm Little Minds, it's great to see someone in the community raising awareness on children's and parent's wellbeing.



"Growth Mindset" is so new to me and the differentiation you have given between Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset is sure an eye-opener for me.  I am amazed. I am looking forward to speaking more about this to my son and getting to know his kind of mindset. 



Thank you for the 'I can grow my mind' box. It has really helped me with the kids to think calmly and positively. The girls and I love it and I love all the words you have used to explain in a simple way the importance of growth mindset.